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Internet Access Features

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All Dialup Accounts Include:

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Dialup Account Types:

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  • 56K V.90 Dialup
    Every number supports a minimum of 56k V.90 access. Old modem standards assumed that both ends of a modem session have an analog connection limiting transmission speeds to 33.6Kbps with V.34 modems. V.90 technology is able to accelerate data downstream from the Internet to your computer at speeds of up to 56Kbps. V.90 technology is ideal for Internet users who want better speed for home use.

  • Included Features with Every Account:

    • Free 24/7 Toll-Free Technical Support
      We provide an extensive support system, consisting multiple systems to provide you answers to your questions when you need them. Don't be fooled by other low-priced internet services who claim free support. Many ISP's don't provide free phone supoport like us. Many ISP's only provide a free email ticket system, or a free online help section -- this is worthless if you can't connect to the internet to begin with! Our Tech-Support team is one of the best in the industry. We also have bi-lingual tech-support members speaking English and Spanish.
    • 2 POP3 E-Mail Accounts
      We provide you with 5 free POP3 E-Mail account, so that every member of the family can have their own; You can even get one for the family pet.
    • Web-Mail and POP3 E-Mail
      We Offer You Both. The basic difference are as explained here. Web Based e-mail makes it possible to easily pick up your e-mail from any computer, anywhere with a Internet connection. While Pop3 requires you to configure an e-mail client such as Outlook express to read the mail and download to your personal computer.
    • Nationwide Access
      With Over 10,000 dialup access numbers we provide you with one of the most comprehensive coverage areas in the industry. This also will enable you to communicate via the Internet when you travel because of the high likely hood you will be able to use an one our access locations.

    Option Add-Ons

    • High Speed Web Accelerator
      This product uses server side compression and cache technology to reduce the size of pages before they reach your computer and decrease the time it takes for you to view websites. It also has a built-in Pop-up blocker. The software accelerates HTML, Javascript, JPEG, GIFS, BMPS, Text and Email. This makes your dial-up connection seem like you are surfing at up to 5x the speed of a typical 56k connection.


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